What is Natural Shilajit?

Shilajit is an incredibly nutrient-dense mineral that is biologically formed through the decomposition of ancient plant matter that has never been tainted by man-made fertilizers, toxins, or pollutants.

It is safe for people, plants, and dissolves in water.


The Nucleus in Shilajit (Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones) has been shown to play a direct role in cannabinoid synthesis.  This means that it may increase the potency and effect of medical cannabis, from CBD extracts to THC dominant strains.

Many report having less anxiety while medicating as well.  This is most likely due to Shilajit acting as a GABA-mimetic in the brain.  Take Natural Shilajit 30 minutes before you medicate for the best results.

Shilajit Benefits Not Only People,
But Plants As Well

Plants are very similar to people in the sense that they rely on mineral nutrition to attain high levels of immunity.  All plants require 84 minerals to reach their full genetic potential.  Shilajit contains 85 minerals in a bioavailable form; meaning they are directly available to plants the minute you apply it.  Feel free to either drench of foliar spray with Shilajit once every 2 weeks at .1g per gallon of water.  Shilajit acts as an "insurance policy" when paired with your current routine, since it contains key trace minerals, enzymes, fulvic acid & humic acid.

What Our Customers Say

“I’ve seen drastic results in a short time for both me and my garden. I smoke less herb for desired effects and a half-cup of coffee is too much sometimes!”
"I can feel the difference in myself and see the difference in the plants. I only used a small amount, mini-pea sized chunk in 5 gal of water along with aloe as a foliar/soil drench. Healthy plants looking very healthy now!”
“Just had my morning Shilajit, I take about a pea sized chunk myself on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes or so and rock my smoothie! Been going good so far, definitely an improvement in energy levels and getting more medicated than I used to off my meds so it’s definitely working.”
“That Shilajit is the shit, my naturopath doctor is going nuts over it… she said I’m on it for life.”
“Testing testing…. Shilajit really did improve and intensify my high. Just took a chunk off a Blood Orange temple ball… Never enjoyed it so much! My health thanks you!”
“Just drank my first glass, givin the ladies some tonight!”
“I love when I can’t tell if someone is feeding themselves or their plants.”


Natural Shilajit Resin (20 grams)

Shilajit Resin in it’s Natural, Pure and Most Potent Form


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NutriHoney (30 Sticks)

Convenient Way to Take Shilajit Resin – Mixed with Raw Honey


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Bulk Shilajit Resin

You asked for it, we delivered!  For those with larger gardens, you can now cut costs by buying in bulk.  150g makes up to 3,000 gallons of solution whether you’re running coco, soil, or hydroponics.

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natural shilajit resin

Natural Shilajit Resin (10 grams)

This sample size should last you for 2-3 weeks.


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NutriHoney Sample (7 Sticks)

Convenient Way to Take Shilajit Resin – Mixed with Raw Honey


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What The Community Says

“The effect was excellent. I found my usual strain was becoming less euphoric and relaxing and a bit of anxiety was creeping in. With Shilajit I felt powerfully relaxed, clear, happy and euphoric. It had quite a noticeable mellowing effect so the high was smooth and consistent. The next morning I felt great and I was surprised my sense of smell was significantly better than it has been for years. Thank you very much!”
“Really did! I noticed less of a need for a second or even first cup of coffee in the morning. Helped me get off 3 pharmaceutical drugs and almost off my last one, not to mention the garden! Glad I listened to you to try it. Thank you.”
“I will say this in conjunction with an Omega juicer has dropped my caffeine consumption from 2 rockstars (320mg) a day to less than 1 tsp dry tea in a cup (less than 100mg) a day with no ill feelings!”
“See I’ve been here since the beginning and eating for quite a while before thanks to m4k. Shilajit is the truth and has amazing medicinal values for all forms of life. Thank you for sharing this with the masses, as I truly believe it will better anyone’s life it touches.”
“So I’m a skeptic by nature but I’m also open minded. Having said that, I’ve been taking this same shialjit 3x daily for a week now and I’ve experienced every one of your claims as being true. This will always be a part of my diet now, thanks to your sharing of information. Thank you.”
“Shilajit has helped my life in many ways. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013. I was always exhausted and in pain in so many places in my body. Constant muscle spasm and joint pain that lasted months at a time leaving me unable to participate with life. Since finding shilajit 2 months ago and mixing it with my daily turmeric dose I have found I have a new outlook on life. I am in way less pain and feel more focused and have a better attention span which is difficult to imagine if you have ever experienced fibro fog. I also find that shilajit has pretty well taken over for my morning coffee routine. The energy I receive from my morning dose of shilajit lasts me most of my day and if I take another dose midday I'm active well into the evening which 6 months ago a walk up the driveway would leave me wanting to sleep at the top of the driveway. Shilajit has become so instrumental in my life that I recommend it to everyone that wants to hear about it. It has that profound of an effect on my overall well being. We even use it biweekly in our garden for its amazing 85 ionic minerals and fulvic acid.”

How To Use Natural Shilajit Resin?

Step 1

Dissolve .1g (1/64 tsp) into 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water.


Step 2

Shilajit works best in the following routines:

Seed Activation

Clone Propagation

Foliar Spraying (IPM)

Root Drenching


Step 3

Re-apply every 2-4 weeks throughout the growing season, from seed until harvest.



Natural Shilajit benefits plants in every type of cultivation system, whether it be soil, hydroponics, aeroponics or coco coir:

  • Simply add to your reservoir in addition to your existing regimen
  • Only adds an additional 5-10 PPM to your overall solution when applied at the recommended rates
  • Being 100% water-soluble, our resin will not clog aeroponic systems, watering wands, or drip-feed systems of any kind.
  • Check out our new Shilajit Powder!  It dissolves 10x as fast as our Resin.


At Natural Shilajit, we pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality Shilajit available from the pristine regions of the Altai mountains. Our Shilajit is has Vegan & Kosher certifications, is OMRI Listed in both the U.S. & Canada, and falls well below California Proposition 65 limits for your safety.

These are the strictest limits in the world - far stricter than Federal limits. To put this into perspective, fruits and vegetables are exempt from Prop 65 because they cannot possibly pass. Our Shilajit is very safe for both plants & people.

Shilajit Honey Sticks

For your convenience, we mixed Natural Shilajit Resin with Raw Honey. All the necessary nutrients needed to enhance your quality of life that fit into a sweet and simple form of a honey stick. NutriHoney is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern convenience.

  • *Increases Stamina and Energy Level
  • *Naturally Detox Your Body and Removes Toxins
  • *Potent Vitamins and Minerals Source

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