Frequently Asked Questions

Is Natural Shilajit only for soil applications?
No, Natural Shilajit can be utilized in any growing system since it is 100% water-soluble and contains ionic (readily-available) minerals. It is completely safe to use in your drip lines, and will not clog clone misters with repeated use. Natural Shilajit contains the trace elements that many NPK programs tend to lack. These trace elements are only required in small amounts, but are essential to plant performance.
My order arrived hard due to cold outside temperatures, how should I handle my resin?
Pure, genuine Shilajit will always respond to temperature change. You may need to give your Shilajit time to thaw before using. Do your best to keep it between 65F-75F to ensure easy handling. NOTICE - Please use caution when handling hard Shilajit as it has a tendency to shatter.
How do I apply Natural Shilajit?

Plant Applications:  Dissolve .1g (1/64 tsp aka a rice grain size chunk) into 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water.  Use for seed activation, clone root tip formation, foliar feeding, and periodic drenching.  Compatible with all mediums.

For Personal Use:  Dissolve .5g into your favorite drink 1-2x daily.  Best when taken 30 minutes before breakfast in the morning, then once again if you need a "boost" mid-day.  Can also be eaten straight, or rolled into a ball and swallowed like a pill.  Do not exceed 2g per day.

Where does Natural Shilajit fit into my routine?
You can add Shilajit directly in with your nutrient solution after mixing, or into your tea after it’s finished brewing. It can also be used as a stand alone supplement, or in conjunction with your favorite nutrient/supplement program. For quick results, foliar spray Natural Shilajit using light application rates.
Will Natural Shilajit affect my total PPM (parts per million)?
Yes, but barely. At recommended rates, Natural Shilajit will only raise your solution by 10-15 parts per million.
Can I use Natural Shilajit with tap water?
Shilajit is best used with non-chlorinated. In order to use tap water, let it sit out for 24 hours in order to allow the chlorine to evaporate off. Fulvic/humic acid is filtered from our drinking water supply because it creates carcinogenic THMs (Trihalomethane) and MX’s (Unknown Mutagen) when combined with chlorine so it’s best to avoid it when using Shilajit.
How does the fulvic acid in Natural Shialjit compare to Alluvial Soil fulvic acid?


There are only two pure sources of fulvic acid - and they are Alluvial Soil and Shilajit. The Fulvic Acid in Natural Shilajit contains metal ions that are multi-centered, incredibly organized, metal-ion associated products with superior chelating abilities. Alluvial soil FA has a much less-organized molecular structure and lacks the effectiveness Shilajit FA has.

What’s the easiest way to measure application rates?


We recommend picking up a set of mini stainless steel measuring spoons that offer 1/64, 1/32, 1/16 and 1/8 tsp options since this is what our rates are based off of.

Does your Shilajit contain toxic levels of heavy metals?

Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on transparency and have dedicated an entire page on our website to lab reports which confirm our resin's safety - for both humans and plant life.  We are the first company to test their shilajit for plant safety on top of human safety, and can guarantee that you will not be finding elevated levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, boron, or sulfur in our product. 

We pass California Prop 65 standards for heavy metals as well, which are much more strict than Federal standards.  Produce you find at the grocery has more heavy metals than Natural Shialjit.  Our Shilajit is very safe.

How can I get my local grow shop to carry your products?

If you'd like to skip out on shipping costs and see Natural Shilajit in your local shop, simply tell them to contact us at: for a wholesale price list.  

We would be happy to set something like that up.  

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